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Basix 0.4.1

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basix::polynomials Namespace Reference

Polynomials. More...


enum  type { legendre = 0 }
 An enum defining the variants of a Lagrange space that can be created.


xt::xtensor< double, 2 > tabulate (polynomials::type polytype, cell::type celltype, int d, const xt::xtensor< double, 2 > &x)
int dim (polynomials::type polytype, cell::type cell, int d)

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Function Documentation

◆ dim()

int basix::polynomials::dim ( polynomials::type  polytype,
cell::type  cell,
int  d 

Dimension of a polynomial space

[in]polytypeThe polynomial type
[in]cellThe cell type
[in]dThe polynomial degree
The number terms in the basis spanning a space of polynomial degree d

◆ tabulate()

xt::xtensor< double, 2 > basix::polynomials::tabulate ( polynomials::type  polytype,
cell::type  celltype,
int  d,
const xt::xtensor< double, 2 > &  x 

Tabulate a set of polynomials.

[in]polytypePolynomial type
[in]celltypeCell type
[in]dPolynomial degree
[in]xPoints at which to evaluate the basis. The shape is (number of points, geometric dimension).
Polynomial sets, for each derivative, tabulated at points. The shape is (number of points, basis index).