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Member basix::cell::num_sub_entities (cell::type celltype, int dim)
Optimise this function Number of sub-entities of a cell by topological dimension
Member basix::FiniteElement::FiniteElement (element::family family, cell::type cell_type, int degree, const std::vector< std::size_t > &value_shape, const xt::xtensor< double, 3 > &coeffs, const std::map< cell::type, xt::xtensor< double, 3 >> &entity_transformations, const std::array< std::vector< xt::xtensor< double, 2 >>, 4 > &x, const std::array< std::vector< xt::xtensor< double, 3 >>, 4 > &M, maps::type map_type=maps::type::identity)
Document A finite element
Member basix::moments::make_dot_integral_moments (const FiniteElement &V, cell::type celltype, std::size_t value_size, int q_deg)
Clarify what happens value size of the moment space is less than value_size.
Member basix::polyset::tabulate (cell::type celltype, int d, int n, const xt::xarray< double > &x)
Does the order for the third index need to be documented?
Namespace basix::quadrature
- pyramid
Namespace basix::quadrature
- pyramid