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Installation instructions

Installing the Basix C++ library

To install Basix, you must first install the C++ interface and library:

bash cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release -B build-dir -S . cmake --build build-dir cmake --install build-dir

You may need to use sudo for the final install step. Using the CMake build type Release is strongly recommended for performance.

Installing the Python interface

To use Basix via Python, you will need to install the Basix Python interface. First, you will need to install pybind11: pip install pybind11. You can then install the Basix Python interface with:

bash cd python pip install .

Running the Basix tests

Once you have installed the Basix Python interface, you can run the Basix tests to check that everything is running correctly. First, install pytest: pip install pytest. You can then run the tests with:

bash pytest test/


Basix depends on xtensor and xtensor-blas. CMake will download install these packages if they cannot be found.

Building the Python interface required pybind11.