FEniCS Form Compiler (FFCx).

FFCx compiles finite element variational forms into C code.

ffcx.get_parameters(priority_parameters: Optional[dict] = None) dict[source]

Return (a copy of) the merged parameter values for FFCX.


priority_parameters – take priority over all other parameter values (see notes)



Return type

merged parameter values


This function sets the log level from the merged parameter values prior to returning.

The ffcx_parameters.json files are cached on the first call. Subsequent calls to this function use this cache.

Priority ordering of parameters from highest to lowest is:

  • priority_parameters (API and command line parameters)

  • $PWD/ffcx_parameters.json (local parameters)

  • $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/ffcx/ffcx_parameters.json (user parameters)

  • FFCX_DEFAULT_PARAMETERS in ffcx.parameters

XDG_CONFIG_HOME is ~/.config/ if the environment variable is not set.

Example ffcx_parameters.json file:

{ “assume_aligned”: 32, “epsilon”: 1e-7 }