Changes in version 2016.1.0ΒΆ

UFL 2016.1.0 was released on 2016-06-23.

  • Add operator A^(i,j) := as_tensor(A, (i,j))

  • Updates to old manual for publishing on

  • Bugfix for ufl files with utf-8 encoding

  • Bugfix in conditional derivatives to avoid inf/nan values in generated

    code. This bugfix may break ffc if uflacs is not used, to get around that the old workaround in ufl can be enabled by setting ufl.algorithms.apply_derivatives.CONDITIONAL_WORKAROUND = True at the top of your program.

  • Allow sum([expressions]) where expressions are nonscalar by defining expr+0==expr

  • Allow form=0; form -= other;

  • Deprecate .cell(), .domain(), .element() in favour of .ufl_cell(), .ufl_domain(), .ufl_element(), in multiple classes, to allow closer integration with dolfin.

  • Remove deprecated properties cell.{d,x,n,volume,circumradius,facet_area}.

  • Remove ancient form2ufl script

  • Add new class Mesh to replace Domain

  • Add new class FunctionSpace(mesh, element)

  • Make FiniteElement classes take Cell, not Domain.

  • Large reworking of symbolic geometry pipeline

  • Implement symbolic Piola mappings