Source code for ufl.matrix

"""This module defines the Matrix class."""
# Copyright (C) 2021 India Marsden
# This file is part of UFL (
# SPDX-License-Identifier:    LGPL-3.0-or-later
# Modified by Nacime Bouziani, 2021-2022.

from ufl.argument import Argument
from ufl.core.ufl_type import ufl_type
from ufl.form import BaseForm
from ufl.functionspace import AbstractFunctionSpace
from ufl.utils.counted import Counted

# --- The Matrix class represents a matrix, an assembled two form ---

[docs]@ufl_type() class Matrix(BaseForm, Counted): """An assemble linear operator between two function spaces.""" __slots__ = ( "_count", "_counted_class", "_ufl_function_spaces", "ufl_operands", "_repr", "_hash", "_ufl_shape", "_arguments", "_coefficients", "_domains", ) def __getnewargs__(self): """Get new args.""" return (self._ufl_function_spaces[0], self._ufl_function_spaces[1], self._count) def __init__(self, row_space, column_space, count=None): """Initialise.""" BaseForm.__init__(self) Counted.__init__(self, count, Matrix) if not isinstance(row_space, AbstractFunctionSpace): raise ValueError("Expecting a FunctionSpace as the row space.") if not isinstance(column_space, AbstractFunctionSpace): raise ValueError("Expecting a FunctionSpace as the column space.") self._ufl_function_spaces = (row_space, column_space) self.ufl_operands = () self._domains = None self._hash = None self._repr = ( f"Matrix({self._ufl_function_spaces[0]!r} " f"{self._ufl_function_spaces[1]!r}, {self._count!r})" )
[docs] def ufl_function_spaces(self): """Get the tuple of function spaces of this coefficient.""" return self._ufl_function_spaces
def _analyze_form_arguments(self): """Define arguments of a matrix when considered as a form.""" self._arguments = ( Argument(self._ufl_function_spaces[0], 0), Argument(self._ufl_function_spaces[1], 1), ) self._coefficients = () def _analyze_domains(self): """Analyze which domains can be found in a Matrix.""" from ufl.domain import join_domains # Collect unique domains self._domains = join_domains([fs.ufl_domain() for fs in self._ufl_function_spaces]) def __str__(self): """Format as a string.""" count = str(self._count) if len(count) == 1: return f"A_{count}" else: return f"A_{{{count}}}" def __repr__(self): """Representation.""" return self._repr def __hash__(self): """Hash.""" if self._hash is None: self._hash = hash(self._repr) return self._hash
[docs] def equals(self, other): """Check equality.""" if type(other) is not Matrix: return False if self is other: return True return ( self._count == other._count and self._ufl_function_spaces == other._ufl_function_spaces )