Source code for ufl.assertions

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
"""This module provides assertion functions used by the UFL implementation."""

# Copyright (C) 2008-2016 Martin Sandve Aln├Žs
# This file is part of UFL (
# SPDX-License-Identifier:    LGPL-3.0-or-later

from ufl.log import error

# TODO: Move to this file and make other files import from here
from ufl.core.expr import ufl_err_str

# TODO: Use these and add more
# --- Standardized error messages ---

[docs]def expecting_instance(v, c): error("Expecting %s instance, not %s." % (c.__name__, ufl_err_str(v)))
[docs]def expecting_python_scalar(v): error("Expecting Python scalar, not %s." % ufl_err_str(v))
[docs]def expecting_expr(v): error("Expecting Expr instance, not %s." % ufl_err_str(v))
[docs]def expecting_terminal(v): error("Expecting Terminal instance, not %s." % ufl_err_str(v))
[docs]def expecting_true_ufl_scalar(v): error("Expecting UFL scalar expression with no free indices, not %s." % ufl_err_str(v))
# --- Standardized assertions --- # TODO: Stop using this
[docs]def ufl_assert(condition, *message): "Assert that condition is true and otherwise issue an error with given message." if not condition: error(*message)