Source code for ffcx.codegeneration

import hashlib
import os

# Version of FFCx header files
__author__ = "FEniCS Project"
__license__ = "This code is released into the public domain"
__version__ = "2018.2.0.dev0"

# Get abspath on import, it can in some cases be a relative path w.r.t.
# curdir on startup
_include_path = os.path.dirname(os.path.abspath(__file__))

[docs]def get_include_path(): """Return location of UFC header files.""" return _include_path
def _compute_signature(): # Compute signature of ufc header files h = hashlib.sha1() with open(os.path.join(get_include_path(), "ufcx.h")) as f: h.update("utf-8")) return h.hexdigest() _signature = _compute_signature()
[docs]def get_signature(): """Return SHA-1 hash of the contents of ufcx.h. In this implementation, the value is computed on import. """ return _signature